AUA Summit - Embargo Policy
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The AUA recognizes media are major contributors to health and medical coverage worldwide and have the responsibility to keep the general public informed. Distribution and use of advance materials from the AUA Annual Meeting is covered under the AUA embargo policy, which is in place to ensure news reporters have the opportunity to write accurate and well-researched news stories on often complex scientific topics, while ensuring publicity does not appear prematurely.

All members of the press as well as abstract authors, public information officers, public relations firms, organizations, local academic or medical institutions and anyone else with access to abstract or research information are required to adhere to the AUA's embargo policy.

The embargo includes coverage of all research being presented, as well as all abstracts published online at Mujer Vestidos Fiesta Rojos Sin Mangas De Para FwU1qpxwgOsfa Web Puma Bright White Women's Belt xCAFRnX and/or in the 2018 Annual Meeting Abstract book, a supplement to the April issue of The Journal of Urology®.

  • Embargo dates accompany all advanced materials and typically reflect the day and time the presentation, press session or course begins.
    • Coverage of the material is strictly prohibited before this date and time.
    • Embargoed information is not to be made public in any format, including print, television, radio or the internet before the embargo date.
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  • Journalists are not to redistribute the information within or outside their news organizations except for the following condition:
    • Journalists may share embargoed information with experts within the field for the purpose of obtaining relevant commentary or quotes.
  • The embargo date and time must be clearly indicated on the embargoed materials.
  • Journalists are responsible for ensuring all third parties honor the embargo date.Bib Protective Working Overall Brace Trousers Clothing And Pants Workwear AqfPREwnw

Any decision to lift an embargo early is at the sole discretion of the AUA. Journalists with questions about the date of an embargo, suspected embargo breaks or whether the embargo has been lifted for whatever reason should contact the AUA Communications Department immediately.Alpinestars Faster Faster Alpinestars Black Black Gloves Gloves Wr Alpinestars Wr Faster EdrrIw

The embargo system is based on trust, and the AUA appreciates the vast majority of journalists respect the embargo. If you are an editor, please stress the terms of the embargo system with your reporters.

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